The Boy Who Saved Me

The breeze up here is so strong. I stand there replaying everything. Why did this happen to me? Why did I have to be dealt such a bad hand?

I take another step closer to the edge.

How come no matter how hard I try nothing works out? No one understands me. No one cares. No one even notices how I feel.

Another step closer.

I am now a foot from the cliff. I start to speak out loud, “How could you expect someone to go through all this? And make it out alright? And do it alone…” I start to sob. I fall to my knees. Rocks in front of me shake and drop. Who am I talking to? It can’t be God, because I don’t even believe in a god. I have reached my limit. I have been in a deep hole for way too long. I wipe my tears, stand up and take another step.

I glance down, it’s a far drop. Before I could think more I hear someone speak behind me, “Hey sunshine.” I glance behind me to see him standing there. I mutter something like, “Please leave me alone.” I watch him as he sits down, then he speaks, “It’s pretty up here.” I try to ignore him and turn back in front of me. “We may have only been friends a short time but, you are a strong, patient, independent, caring,understanding, smart and beautiful girl. I don’t know what has brought you here but I know one thing for sure. Only a strong girl such as yourself could make it through anything. You may not believe it but I promise there will come a day when you make it out of the dark tunnel. And if you let me I will help you but first you must have faith in yourself. Can you do that?”

When I turn to look at him he is sitting there not staring at the view but at me. I take a step back, sit down and begin to cry. “How can I have faith to get through all of this? It’s a never ending tunnel of pain and darkness.” I sobbed. He gets up and walks over to me and sits. Pulling me into a hug he says, “Just have enough faith to get through the day. That’s all you need for now. We we’ll just take one day at a time.” We sit there for a while as I cry. He doesn’t speak again, but just sits there holding me.

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