Stranger In The Storm 


I shiver, close my eyes and take a deep breath in. The smell of pine trees fills the air, and the moon reflects off the shimmering lake. There is a soft blanket of snow covering the ground and icicles hanging off the log cabin. As I turn from the lake to face the cabin, I can see grey smoke drifting up from the cabin. Walking inside, I see a fire is burning and a black pot hangs over it, holding what will be used for a nice cup of hot cocoa. Sparkle, my orange tabby, purrs and walks closer to the stone fireplace.

A cool breeze drifts in as the doors creaks open and closes. Walking in is a tall, dark haired, brown eyed man, with a little scruff on his face. My face suddenly turns a bright shade of red. He was out in this blizzard, and got stuck and want to know if he could stay. Being the kind person I am, I let him. I offer a cup of cocoa and tell him he is welcome to anything. I grab a book, my mug, and settle down on the couch. He joins, grabbing some book off my shelf.

As the night progresses, snow keeps falling, and soon the moonlight spills into the room. The fire crackles, making me jump a bit. He laughs and smiles, embarrassed a give a weak smile back. Quickly, I focus back on my book, taking small breaths, the smell of a new book and a fire fill my nose. The storm does not seem to be letting up, meaning this handsome stranger will be spending the night at my cabin.

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