I sit in the dark crying, listening to others cry and scream around me does not help. It’s like hell here, screaming, crying, chains clinking, people curled up on the ground wishing they were dead. Maybe this is not like hell but is hell. The steel door creaks open and a hush follows. No one moves or makes a sound. He walks down the stairs… thunk thunk…each step makes us cringe. It’s only been a few hours but we’ve lost so many. He walks by inspecting each of us. Yelling, he asks for the guys to stand. I sigh, I’m staying for this round. Although I don’t know where they take us. After a while he stops in front of a young man. “This one,” he says. Then two big guys show up, unchain him and drag him off as he kicks and screams. As soon as the steel door closes behind them, the crying begins again. I begin to count, to see how long before the next is taken. Each time so far has been twenty minutes.
Twenty, I whisper to myself. I stare in the direction of the door, but it’s dark to see the door. Nothing happens. So I continue to count…forty, the door flies open. This time he’s not alone, “everyone up!” he shouts. Everyone? Two other men who look like him follow and a young boy about my age. The boy looked uncomfortable, clearly being here was not his idea. The two men choose a few people and they are dragged off. The boy sees me and walks over, he gives me a sad smile. I look away, hoping he’ll keep moving on, but he speaks, “I’ll take this one.” The man nods but the two men ask if he’s sure. He looks back at me and nods. As they drag me off I decide not to fight, because I know I won’t win, instead I let them carry me off, silently crying.   

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