I sit in the dark crying, listening to others cry and scream around me does not help. It’s like hell here, screaming, crying, chains clinking, people curled up on the ground wishing they were dead. Maybe this is not like hell but is hell. The steel door creaks open and a hush follows. No one moves or makes a sound. He walks down the stairs… thunk thunk…each step makes us cringe. It’s only been a few hours but we’ve lost so many. He walks by inspecting each of us. Yelling, he asks for the guys to stand. I sigh, I’m staying for this round. Although I don’t know where they take us. After a while he stops in front of a young man. “This one,” he says. Then two big guys show up, unchain him and drag him off as he kicks and screams. As soon as the steel door closes behind them, the crying begins again. I begin to count, to see how long before the next is taken. Each time so far has been twenty minutes.
Twenty, I whisper to myself. I stare in the direction of the door, but it’s dark to see the door. Nothing happens. So I continue to count…forty, the door flies open. This time he’s not alone, “everyone up!” he shouts. Everyone? Two other men who look like him follow and a young boy about my age. The boy looked uncomfortable, clearly being here was not his idea. The two men choose a few people and they are dragged off. The boy sees me and walks over, he gives me a sad smile. I look away, hoping he’ll keep moving on, but he speaks, “I’ll take this one.” The man nods but the two men ask if he’s sure. He looks back at me and nods. As they drag me off I decide not to fight, because I know I won’t win, instead I let them carry me off, silently crying.   

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change & Transition 

This photo represents a personal change and transition for me. Moving forward from something hard. To prove to myself I could make it out of this hard time, some of my friends and I climbed a mountain. Determined, I told myself if I could do this I could get through anything. This climb changed my life for the better, and changed who I am. 


Stranger In The Storm 


I shiver, close my eyes and take a deep breath in. The smell of pine trees fills the air, and the moon reflects off the shimmering lake. There is a soft blanket of snow covering the ground and icicles hanging off the log cabin. As I turn from the lake to face the cabin, I can see grey smoke drifting up from the cabin. Walking inside, I see a fire is burning and a black pot hangs over it, holding what will be used for a nice cup of hot cocoa. Sparkle, my orange tabby, purrs and walks closer to the stone fireplace.

A cool breeze drifts in as the doors creaks open and closes. Walking in is a tall, dark haired, brown eyed man, with a little scruff on his face. My face suddenly turns a bright shade of red. He was out in this blizzard, and got stuck and want to know if he could stay. Being the kind person I am, I let him. I offer a cup of cocoa and tell him he is welcome to anything. I grab a book, my mug, and settle down on the couch. He joins, grabbing some book off my shelf.

As the night progresses, snow keeps falling, and soon the moonlight spills into the room. The fire crackles, making me jump a bit. He laughs and smiles, embarrassed a give a weak smile back. Quickly, I focus back on my book, taking small breaths, the smell of a new book and a fire fill my nose. The storm does not seem to be letting up, meaning this handsome stranger will be spending the night at my cabin.

The Island of Kanoa

Growing up I was always told the Legend of Kanoa. That’s the island where I live. The legend tells of a fiery red dragon who lives on the other side of the island and is immortal. We are to never go near his mountain in fear he would destroy us. In my 18 years of growing up here I have never heard or seen this dragon so I’m starting to believe this legend isn’t so true.
This dragon has been my fascination since I was a little kid. I always wondered how lonely it must be, and what he ate, and if he flew to other places besides this island. Being a kid, my mother let it be, but seeing how I am now 18 she has told me to forget it. Why? Because on my island it is a custom to choose a man when a girl is between 18 and 20, so my time has come. Chasing a dragon was not on my mother’s to do list for me. Since I’ve grown up here, I know all the guys. I know what they used to be like and how they truly are. With that being said, I’ll pass on all of them. None have the free spirit like I do. 

Since it is my 18 birthday, I decided I would do something I have always wanted to do. I woke up early and slipped out of the house before anyone was up. I grabbed my bag I packed the night before and headed out to find this dragon. The island isn’t too big, and getting to the other side would most likely be a day’s journey. Skipping through all the boring hiking and such I finally arrived at the last hill before where the dragon’s hill is claimed to be. 

Finally reaching the top of the hill I could see over landscape, and to my pleasant surprise, there was a cave. Climbing down the hill I slowly approached the cave, knowing the legend and how this dragon was supposed to be mean. Peeking into the cave I didn’t see anything at first. Then I heard a voice, but from behind me, “Can I help you?” I jumped and turned around. In front of me was a guy holding an armful of fruit. I stood there surprised for a moment, “umm yes, I’m looking for the dragon’s cave.” He looked confused, “Why is a girl trying to find my cave?” I replied, “Well if you must- your cave?” Ignoring his sexist comment. He had a devilish grin on his face, “Yeah, my cave. As in, I’m the dragon. Is that so hard to believe?” 

I paused for moment. “Well yes. The dragon is supposed to be mean and immortal. And you’re just a guy, not a dragon” He walked into the cave set the fruit down and came back out. “My name is Finn. As crazy as it seems, I’m 20, and the dragon.” 

“Nice to meet you Finn, I’m Ava. I’m confused, how are you a dragon and only 20?” 

“Ava. That’s a pretty name. Well it’s a long story and it’s almost sunset. You don’t need your whole town looking for you. What do you say we get you back home?” “But I want to know! I’ve waited my whole life to come and find you. Plus we can’t get back to town before night.” 

Finn has that devilish grin on his face again. “You don’t know? You aren’t human, Ava.” 

The Boy Who Saved Me

The breeze up here is so strong. I stand there replaying everything. Why did this happen to me? Why did I have to be dealt such a bad hand?

I take another step closer to the edge.

How come no matter how hard I try nothing works out? No one understands me. No one cares. No one even notices how I feel.

Another step closer.

I am now a foot from the cliff. I start to speak out loud, “How could you expect someone to go through all this? And make it out alright? And do it alone…” I start to sob. I fall to my knees. Rocks in front of me shake and drop. Who am I talking to? It can’t be God, because I don’t even believe in a god. I have reached my limit. I have been in a deep hole for way too long. I wipe my tears, stand up and take another step.

I glance down, it’s a far drop. Before I could think more I hear someone speak behind me, “Hey sunshine.” I glance behind me to see him standing there. I mutter something like, “Please leave me alone.” I watch him as he sits down, then he speaks, “It’s pretty up here.” I try to ignore him and turn back in front of me. “We may have only been friends a short time but, you are a strong, patient, independent, caring,understanding, smart and beautiful girl. I don’t know what has brought you here but I know one thing for sure. Only a strong girl such as yourself could make it through anything. You may not believe it but I promise there will come a day when you make it out of the dark tunnel. And if you let me I will help you but first you must have faith in yourself. Can you do that?”

When I turn to look at him he is sitting there not staring at the view but at me. I take a step back, sit down and begin to cry. “How can I have faith to get through all of this? It’s a never ending tunnel of pain and darkness.” I sobbed. He gets up and walks over to me and sits. Pulling me into a hug he says, “Just have enough faith to get through the day. That’s all you need for now. We we’ll just take one day at a time.” We sit there for a while as I cry. He doesn’t speak again, but just sits there holding me.